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Thread: Sust Cycle?

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    Sust Cycle?

    Does anyone have any experience wiht sust? what was your cycle like, what kind of gains and side effects did you have. Any opinions on the adv/disadv of sust vs. Test cyp or enth? I've done a lot of research but I think that you've never done enough when it comes to juice so I was looking for people with a little more experience to let me what they think.I am 5,11" 210 (not exactly cut) 19 years old, never done juice and want to make some serious quality muscle and strength gains. I originally wanted to do sust alone and run it for 8 weeks at 500 mg (two shots a week); however I have been recently informed that this will not produce the best results. Money is an issue for me so although stacking with another steroid would be optimal I can't do it. Any advice (besides waiting to get the money to do a huge cycle). Thanks alot boys

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    Give yourself another year before you start.

    There is nothing special about sust. Its still testosterone . It is overpriced, I guess thats kinda special, and sustanon is every newbies wet dream for some reason.

    Anyways, wait another year and then pick up some enanthate and maybe a little dbol . Thats all ya need besides your PCT and anti-es.

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    yeah like bb said...atleast another year man.......
    go into educational threads and you will find a heap of info on sus.......
    runing sus by itself is fine for a first cycle...but you would have to extend to 10-12 weeks @ 500mgs a week...8 is too short.......+ anti-e's
    .....but keep doing research man....

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    adrenaline high
    i use sus and love it. it's not as user friendly as test-e( more injections). wait AT LEAST another year and research all you can.

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    Thanks a lot for the responses guys. I was just wondering about the advice that sust is fine by itself for a first cycle. This was what I had pretty much decided on using but I've gotten alot of responses and I've been reading a lot of sust bashing lately. I know bodybuilding is all about personal preference and everybody has their own opinoin but I just have a hard time understanding how people can be at two opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to sust. How can someone say its fine for a first cycle (which is what I was, admittedly, hoping to hear) and another guy says that its horse****. I know about the EOD injections that should go along with sust but does it really sacrafice gains? I guess I'm just looking for a definite answer on a subject that has no definite answers..

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