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    Questions about cycle....

    I was thinking about taking roids and I've done endless amount of research but I think the best information comes from people who have actually done it. I am 21, 6'1, 172pds, 7 % bodyfat, I've been training for 4 years now and i've been switching back and for from cutting to trying to put weight on for several years. Seems everytime I start bulking again I remeber my childhood. I was very overweight as a kid and will never be like that again. I still have a gut I am trying to workoff. But one of my buddys has some winny left over and thats it.. What cycle would you guys recommend for a first time user. I want to put a lot of lean mass on but theres always a worry of putting the fat back on like everyone else has. Any information you guys could give would be appreciated. After reading some of the posts seems like i can to the right place.

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    Well if you want lean mass, winstrol is more of a finish up, cutting drug... the fat you will get will only come from your diet... if you want to blow up, try something like...

    10 weeks test - sust, enth., cyp. 500-750mgs a week probally 500 to start
    8 weeks dbol - 30-50mgs a day
    or 10 weeks deca - 4-600mgs a week + dbol

    **anti estrogens, of course** clomid, novaldex, PCT...

    if your lean, right now you can put on some good muscle mass with the right diet, and keep fat off you... and bro you're not at 7% right now if you have a gut and trying to work it off... but your at a good size to start... and your atleast not a fawking baby to start juicing.. 21 is a good age to start, your body is just about finishing up growing...

    you'll get some more ideas from the bros here, so listen up... As i like to say its grow time buddy...

    good luck bro

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    I'd suggest an all Test cycle, maybe throw in some EQ if you wanted, but I wouldn't bother. Seems like that's all you need along with the proper diet. Test Enan for 12 weeks at 250-500mg/wk.

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    No, you definitely wouldn't want to do DBOL for more than 4 weeks.

    I would consider the following cycle.

    Week 1-10 Test Enan or Cyp 400mg (two 200mg shots a week)
    PCT - CLOMID 300mg day 1, 100mg 2-11, 50mg - 12-21

    If you did throw in some DBOL, I would do:

    (But I don't think you need it)
    week 1-4 25-30mg ED (split up througout the day)

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