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Thread: Bridging?

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    I dont really understand the whole bridging concept, is there a thread that could explain it better. Wondering if it helps that much at the end of the cycle when your "in no man's land after last shot and before clomid." I am was wondering if I should throw a bridge at the end of my upcoming cycle cause i am gonna be in the dead zone for like 3 weeks after my last sust/eq shot and before clomid starts. Should i throw some prop. in there or what? or something else? Someone explain please.

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    For a bridge you want to choose anabolic compounds that exert the least possible amount of androgenic activity. So no test no dbol , no deca , no eq. Basically you are limited to anavar and or primobolan . And there is ALOT of debat about the anavar being used as a bridge. Also I would suggest starting the bridge AFTER clomid therapy not before. End your cycle with fast acting esters so you can begin clomid almost immediately after your last dose of AAS. Once clomid is done then you can begin your bridge to lead into your next cycle.

    In your case I would hit the prop up at the same weekly doseage of your sus and run it for three weeks, then start clomid 3 days after your last shot of prop. Also spread the prop out in eod or preferably daily injections.

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