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    A fina And Test En Question

    i purchased testosterona 200 and Enantat QV 250, both are vet versions(mexico). To be safe should i put a 25g needle in the vail for the pressure and place in the oven at 250 for 20min to make sure it is sterilized. or would it make the product weaker.

    I used 1 1/2 carts of fin/ and a 2 gram kit.
    and I did a tren extract and i think the water was to hot( it was boiling a little in the pan) when you do the mixing step. after i finished all the steps the final product was a dark honey red color, so i then filtered it one more time with the micron filter and it came out very bright yellow gold color, does this mean it now is a higher oil ratio to tren.

    basskillers is perfect for info. great place

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    No need to sterilize it. You can't bake it high enough to kill the bacteria. There's already BA in there for that purpose anyways.

    How come you only used 1 1/2 carts of fina pellets ?

    I'm assuming you've got a mixture of 25 cc's @ 112.5 mg / cc ?? Is that what you came up with or do you have a different number after the math ?? How come you just didn't use the full 2 carts and a 4 g kit ??

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