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    injecting into scar tissue

    Is it alright to inject into scar tissue? Ever since my days of experimenting with synthol in my bi's, I've had a buildup of some big time scar tissue. Seems like it's only the left bicep, but the needle goes in slower than hell and injecting takes forever. I can find other places to shoot if injecting into scar tissue is a no-no.

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    The problems you'll potentially have are:
    1. Obviously slow absorption. If there's little blood flow like in scar tissue, you could sit there with an oil pocket for quite some time... not hitting your receptors.
    2. Possible infection. Depending on the cleanliness of your gear, you get some little critters in there with no blood flow, i.e. access for leukocytes to kill bacteria, you'll get yourself some really good mass in the form of an abscess. Too bad it might make one bi really huge, and the other would be norm.
    Anyhoo, I'd think twice about shooting into heavy scar tissue, especially if you have other places that are free of it. Good luck

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    just push hard, ull be fine !

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