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    Organon Deca question?

    Hello to all
    one question:
    I know Organon Deca is orginally from Holland
    but there is Organon deca from India and pakiston at 100mg per amp
    which i have access to.

    Is it the same **** as the Organon deca from holland, cause I heard someone say the pakiston Organon is underdosed and not that good, only Holland **** is good

    if anyone has experience with Pak or Indian organon please let me know how it worked out for you and what did you stack with it


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    As far as I know the U.S only regulates the Organon Deca that is coming out of Holland. Hope this helps. PEACE! ROCK

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    Organon is a huge global company, and the product should basically be the same wherever you buy it. I was talking to some guys that work for a branch of Organon the other day, and their take on products from different countries is that the only variation is quality control standards. Some countries have regulations that demand visual inspection of everything (Japan, where I am, being one of them). My guess is that things aren't so rigorous in Pakistan, meaning that doses might vary, or you might find things floating in the amps. I'm on Pakistan Organon sus and deca right now that I bought in Thailand. It's my first cycle so I don't have any comparison, but it's working just fine for me. Hope this helps.

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