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    Cytmel/Clen/Win Stack....HELP!

    Hey guys....

    I am a 28 yo male, 5'9, 195, about 18 percent bodyfat. I am considering doing a stack to cut up, but I have never ever done anything like this and I am very green. Please help!

    The website i want to purchase from offered some choices for cutting. I am not doing injectables, so this is what the tabs were.......

    Week Cytomel mcg/day Clenbuterol mcg/day Winstrol mg/day
    1 - 80 -
    2 - 100 -
    3 - 120 15
    4 50 - 15
    5 50 - 20
    6 100 - 20
    7 100 80 20
    8 - 100 20
    9 - 120 -

    Does this sound like a good stack? I really just want to cut my body fat down. Will I be risking anything with my thyroid or hairline? Is this dosage gonna do anything crazy to me? If this isn't effective, what would be? Any suggestions?

    Anyone have experience with any of these products?


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    First off, test should be the base of any cycle you run. If you're going to run T3 you need to run some test because you will lose muscle while on T3.

    A good cutting stack would be some test prop, and some fina. Run the T3 while on your cycle, and start taking your clen during pct.

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