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Thread: Cycle Help

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    Cycle Help

    I wanted to start a new cycle. IM 23 years old 6 2, 180 pounds. I spend lots of time in the gym and race motocross/ supercross on the weekends. I have found it hard to gain size and keep it due to having to maintain the cardio aspect for racing. When i get done i just want to be as strong as possible and weigh 200 to 205 pounds even if it takes more than one cycle. If i get much bigger than 210 it will hurt me in my racing. I was going to start with 400/week of deca . I also have access to sus250, equipoise and aratest 2500 and whinny. What is the best route to take. Any help with doses and what combination to take will help greatly. I did a 10 week cycle of sus. 500/week a few years back and saw good results. I have read tons of things and there are so many different routes to take. I got some input from a couple of guys yesterday looking for some more opinions today.. Thanks

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    so you want 30lbs of solid weight. well a winny and eq stack will rip you up good and some strength.

    eq 600mgs 1-15
    sus 500mgs 1-12 or use the aratest if your worried about bloat
    winny 50mgs ed or eod 11-15
    clomid/nova/hcg your choice

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