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Thread: Anadrol

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    before i proceed i know this is very stupid healthwise but i am still gonna do it just need your help, i finished 12 weeks of sust and then jumped on tren and suspension without a break in between.I am now going to jump on ONLY anadrol at 100 to 200 mgs a day. both 2 cycles were purely for strength because im an avid powerlifter anadrol is all i can afford right now and stopping isn't a choice considering i have a big meet very soon i want to know though if my receptor sites will still feel the full affect of the anadrol strength etc? or could they be burnt out? please don't flame i know its not healthy anyway peace

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    Your receptors won't be fresh but have fun losing all that mass you will gain from the anadrol when you get off.

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    just come off gear. and dont ask not to flame about the anadrol . its stupid. period. u know that ur not supposed to run drol alone.

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