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    test e vs. prop gyno

    hey whats up guys,
    i just got a quick question about test. im 21 years old, have been training natural for about 2 and 1/2 years, around 6'4 and 220 with a pretty low bf %. im still going to hold off for atleast another 6-8 months before doing my first cycle just trying to research as much as i can. my question is when it comes to side effects with testosterone is there much of a difference between enanthate and prop? i read on the educational forums that the chances of gyno are lower,in prop. however every post i read people are suggesting to run enanthate significantly more than prop. the only negative about prop, is i would prefer not to inject eod, however i would if there was a dramatic reduction in possible sides in comparison to the other tests.

    thanks guys,
    justin g.

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    keep in mind bro that test is test.........although they can be slight differences like prop does'nt tend to bloat as bad as test e.......both can give you gyno.......recommend test e for a first cycle mainly because it is easier to deal with, ed injects is'nt good for a newb...

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    Trust me man, once you see prop start working. You'll want to inject 10cc's everyday. I LOVE THE STUFF

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    when u use enathate it takes 3-4 weeks to hit ur system and 3 weeks to leave (approx)... with prop those times are incrediably shorter.. so if ur on 500 mgs of enathate and u see side effects and u lower ur dosage to lower the sides it takes abotu 3 weeks for your body to get to the new levels of test........ with prop since the tiems are much shorter if u see side effects and lower your dose to lwoer the sides your body will eb in th enew test level ALOT faster.......therefore its easier to control sides effects with a shorter acting test

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