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    Phentermine and Anabolics--- A *NEW* QUESTION


    Is there any medical literature about taking an appetite suppresant diet medication (like Phentermine, Ionamin, Meredia, etc.) at the same time as Anabolics?

    I am looking specifically into the risks of taking Ionamin and Anavar at the same time, but if any of you guys have an answer to the larger question that would also be helpful...

    I checked (at: and it looks like the drugs have no listed interactions, but still that is probably because no study was done with both of these drugs. So I leave it to the experts here. Anyone know if there are any ineractions? Is it better to be safe here than sorry, or is there no worry?

    - Ned

    *At the page add "oxandrin" and "ionamin"... its a nice f*ckin tool
    27 years young; 6 feet; 190 pounds; 8-10% bodyfat (fluctuates from morning to night); just one cycle under my belt; cutting cycle starts soon--and no matter what anyone says appetite suppresants DO work for me;

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    Shouldnt be any

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    Quote Originally Posted by Billy_Bathgate
    Shouldnt be any
    Thanks. This just the default assumption or do you know this specifically?

    thanks for your help. any others?

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