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    looking into a good cycle

    I've been working out now for about 5 years. I'm 19, 6'2", and weight about 215. My current workout partner and I have been looking into starting up a cycle. My partner is all hell bent on just getting some deca , while i've been the one researching and finding all the **** out, after all i don;t want to just jump into anything. I've been doing a lot of research on the whole topic in the past year and thought i had it figured out; Deca seemed like the winner. (from the looks of the effectiveness chart on the main page, it had the best gains and least side affects.) Now after reading some more current posts i see people saying Test. for the first cycle and im back at square one. (after all when i first looked up everythign test seemed like it carried the most sides.) I'm all for playing it safe and getting the anti-E's to help alleviate some of the sides (something my partner isn;t all that worried about). I was just wondering if i could get some imput from the vast knowledge you guys have. Like i said Deca seemed like the best answer but then i remembered something about the anti-Es not working with it and read some other stuff about how Test should be first so i started to think maybe Deca wasn;t the answer. Also i was thinking about using Clen post cycle to help keep the gains and to help me cut up in time for summer. Also i was wondering if ordering stuff like the Clomid and Nolva online falls under the same guidelines as the AS (is it illegal to order those too??)

    Please post me back so i can make an even more informed choice.

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    19 is to young Bro


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