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    I am currently taking 500mg of test going on my 8th week and since the 6th week have not gained a pound. I know the reason I havent gained any weight is because of my diet. Would anyone be able to tell me where i can get come help comming up with a good diet? thanks

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    my die right now looks like this
    9am 4 egg white 1 full egg 2 rice cakes
    11:30pm protein shake w/2tb of peanut butter 2 rice cakes and a cup of oatmeal
    2pm 1/2lb of chicken and 3 rice cakes
    4:30 1/2lb of chicken and 2 rice cakes
    5 pm work out
    7pm 3piece of grilled chicken w/bakes potato
    9:30pm potein shake w/2tb of peanut butter
    next meal depends of what time i go to bed

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    From looking at your diet I would say it's due to these reasons:

    1) Why are you eating rice cakes? I'm not sure but don't those things have negligible calories? Try replacing the rice cakes with real rice- brown rice.

    2) You probably need a little variety in your protein sources. Chicken and protein powder are fine but throw in some red meat, turkey, more eggs, cottage cheese.

    3) Where are your veggies? Broccoli, broccoli, broccoli. Also make sure you are at least taking a multi-vitamin.

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    Check out this thread titled "BULKING DIET: Step-by-step on how to create a diet for growth." Here's the link:

    There's also a lot of information in the Diet Forum on this board.

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