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    Questions Questions Questions

    I am in my 3rd week now of a 12 week cicle. I 'm gettting good results from Eq witch I took 1ml every other day.

    Now I am taking 2 ml every other day and the winny I stoped injecting in muscle becouse I red a big fucking article about cancer tumors accuring in the places where bodybuilders injected winny like the chest.

    This is something a couple of real big dudes confirmd to me today.
    Esceline also having the same risks in it's usage in that way.

    I'll just train the muscles harder. My problem with my body is onle my chest I have a real good bi/tri ceps (if I might say of myslef) the legs I don't overtrain too mutch because I don't like a fat ass and buying versace and DG pan'ts seem to get a real big problem with humangess legs. Then I'll be a muscled dude who always where sports-wear. That would be fucked up for me.

    I would like to get more mass in my chest and without injecting winny in it or ESC , To my knoledge i train them right and often enough. Anyone have any sugg??

    on the other hand ; every one has his week points he should accept.

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    Some ppl don't agree w/me but I feel my chest is my weakest body part, well along w/my calves but that can't be disputed, lol.

    Anyway I have made some REALLY good results the last two weeks training chest 2x a week. Yeah alot of ppl will say it is over training but my bench has gone up 15lbs in two weeks and I am 2 1/2 weeks post cycle still on clomid and arimidex . Each workout is getting better. It may be in my head but my chest looks fuller, but I haven't actually measured it to see the true results.

    I am doing chest/arms on wed's and just chest on sat. 3 exercises per chest workout, 3 sets each after warmups. 6 or less for one exercise, then 10-12 on the second, then 15+ on the last (usually flyes, I keep the heavy/low rep sets to the presses)

    BTW one workout is flat press, decline press, flye and the next I sub the decline presses w/ incline presses.

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    Injecting winny in your chest to make it bigger is ridiculous. Like Kizer said you need to experiment with your training regimine. Anytime i feel like a certain bp is lagging i just adjust my routine as needed. What works for us may not work for you, its all about experimentation. What does your w/o routine look like?

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    monday chest/biceps/triceps

    wednesday sholder/nek

    thursday leg/back

    sat chest/biceps/triceps

    son sholder/nek

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