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    Help with D-bol/Gyno

    Just ran with 250 suts/50 deca for 4 wks, and had to skip a week and now hitting D_bol/nora 200 for 4-6 wks depending??? I hit 500 primotest/500 nora sunday and tits instintly got sensitive... the right side has a soft lump and the end of the nipples are sensitive... I have nolva 10-20 mgs/day but i'm afraid of the rebound effects... my guess is that it will go away in a few days...

    i hit it hard on sunday to make up for the 2 wk break...

    I'm only going to try 15-20 max D-bol for 3-4 wks and finish with nora tapering down to 100mgs the last week

    I will do provrion in a few weeks with nolva... then run clomid/prov to rebound... sound like a safe bet or not???

    any help would be great???

    Big Dog

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    you lost me bro. completely...

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    looks likes your EXTREMLEY prone to gyno BK said though you lost me too..but seems like you should stop before you start growing B cups, or even worse C........also doeasnt seem like yo know whats going on or what to do in a situation like this......

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    I don,t have a clue what you are on about but I would start the Nolva at 20mg a day if you are getting gyno and carry on with that dosage until it subsides than take 10mg a day until the end of the cycle.Not sure if that was your ?

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    Sorry if I have confused anybody... the gyno has gone away for now!!! I'll run d-bol/noradren 200 and keep the nolva throughout the rest of my cycle. I may add proviron towards the end...

    My bigest concern is the rebound affect of the gyno when i stop the cycle? What to do then???

    does this sound like a good idea???

    thanks for your patience guy's...


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    first off make sure that it actualy is gyno and its not in your head ,if u think about u will constantly be fucking with your nips,but if it is take prov one pill a day if the itching or burning doesnt go away up to two pills ,dont take chances if u get it only the knife will cure you.the doses u are running are low u must be prone to gyno.i doubt that after the cycle u will have any problems ,the clomid is also a good anti est.

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