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    winny prob stack weight loss?

    what up bros,
    i have 2 questions 1st is i am on my way off a prop cycle right now i am looking to lose lbs. and get cut up i got a great deal on some winny and picked up 27 2cc viles...i as going to take it with some prop tabs what do you think of this stack? i know there a alot of great lbs loss stacks winnt,clen ,t3..but the deal was too good to pass up let me know that you guys think and what might be a good cycle might be??

    thanks alot guys...stay ripped

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    lol stay ripped yet u wanna get ripped ? joker


    1. what are prop tabs ?

    2. u should run the winny with test prop (i assume that is what u mean unless u are refering to primobolan ) and u will get good results with diet/cardio. i dont know why u would pass down a clen /t3/winny stack, since it is clearly the better choice.

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    prop tabs?

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