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    Question Gyno Question for Mods & Vets

    Ok, here's the deal. I'm four wks into a cycle...

    ** Winny 50mg/ED wks 1-8
    ** EQ 400mg/Wk wks 1-10
    Home brew Fina 75mg/EOD wks 4-9

    Just started fealing signs of fu*king gyno! Since I'm already four wks into this thing and I'm showing symptoms... what's better, liquidex or nolvadex ? I have access to either but can only afford one or the other. I would also have to wait 5-14 days for the nolva. What do you guys think?

    I guess now I know that I can never do any juice, no matter how mild the aromatization factor, without expecting gyno to raise it's ugly head! Everyone is different...

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    you need nolvadex bro, asap.

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    If you are showing signs then you need nolvadex now but if it is going to be almost 5-14 days before you can get your hands on it I would say go with what you can get now and get the L-dex.

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    I would get the ldex if you can get it right away. I don't know if you can afford to wait for the nolv.

    BTW, I would run the fina ed, not eod. Or at the very least up it to 150mg eod if you don't want to do as many injections.

    One last note, 8 weeks is a really long time to run winny, especially if combining it with fina (both are very toxic to the liver).


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