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    first cycle taking sus 250

    hey dudes,my name is tony and this is my first time on this site,i am 22 years old been traning for 3years..
    i am 68 kilos 12%bodyfat 5'9..
    i just started my first cycle last week which is 1ml of sus 250 a week for 10 weeks, i took my first jab last sunday, and took my second jab yesterday which was sunday..
    i have lost about 1 and half kilos in 1 week dont no if this is normal..
    i am eating 250 to 300 grams of protein..
    250 grams of carbs..
    30 grams of fat..
    i eat really really clean food..
    not sure if losing a kilo is normal do i need more carbs..
    i dont want to put on fat..i also want to no if my weight will go up much..
    also can i expect to put on 1 inch on my arms from this type of cycle..
    thanks dudes..

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    The problem with taking sustanon for a first time cycle is, your test levels jump up and down with the short acting ester test prop in it. It's better to inject multiple times a week. Test E would be a better choice. As far as your weight is concerned, how often do you eat, how much have you changed your diet while on in calories? The most important aspect of anabolics is food. If you want to gain size you need to pick up the calories. As far as gains, it differs for everyone, your diet, training program, and genetics will dictate the outcome.

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    I'm glad that you are doing a low-dose cycle; however, if you read through the posts on low-dose cycles, you'll find low-dose cycles are recommended for long lasting/acting steroids such as testosterone cypionate /enanthate , equipoise and deca -durabolin . Although sust contains long- and short-lasting esters, it is not recommended to be used when running a testosterone -only cycle in which you are injecting only once per week.

    I hope that you grow, but enanthate or cypionate would have been far better choices for a weekly-injection, low-dose cycle.

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    Swellin Guest
    Scorpio is dead on. As far as an inch on your arms...who knows? It is possible...but there are way too many variables for us to tell you what you will and will not gain.

    Edited to add: My post came up after Bask8kace's...I would like to add that he is also right....but you have already started good luck.
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    And stop calling us dudes!

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    I'm in my first week of aSust 250 cycle and do .85ml/every third day. This equates to the 500mg/week that most look for. Sust can be a good cycle (even first) if you do it right and keep the blood levels even...and to do that you need more frequent injections.

    Make sure you read up on andhave your anti-e's and a good PCT plan.

    Good luck

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    Most everybody is dead on.........The only thing that no one seemed to address is when you say you dont want to gain fat...DUDE, don't expect to get bigger w/o gaining fat!!! There is no such thing as gaining muscle and losing fat, if there is, point me to it...second, drink more water. Dude, you need to pound H2O, especially if you are taking in so much Prot!! Don't kill your Kidneys man. 3rd, you'll gain weight, how much, No one can say. I am on wk 4 of sus and have gained 12lbs..and I would probably eat a little more fat than 30grams

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