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Thread: 1st cycle

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    1st cycle

    I wanna take my first cycle and have done the research but just want to know a little more. I have seen on here that people say using just test is great for a first cycle, what would the benefits of adding deca be? I am 22yrs old 5'11" 175lbs at about 15% BF. I would like to put on about 10-15lbs of muscle. I have had my friends that have taken cycles tell me a couple different things to do. So this is what I was thinking

    Weeks 1-10 Deca- 250mg
    Weeks1-10 Test-200mg
    3 weeks after last injecting start clomid, not sure on the dosage..

    Also one thing that I am not sure about is Nolva I have read alot about it but still dont understand much so any info would be great.

    I was also thinking about running deca for 8 weeks then test for 10.

    Tell what you guys think, any help is appreciated.

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    dont run your deca highewr than your test. this is a basic 1st cycle.

    test enanthate 500mg (1-10)
    deca 300mg (1-10)
    winny 50mg ed (11-15)

    hope it goes good for you bro...MM

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    For 10-15lb, you only need to do a test cycle. If you want to run Deca though, I'd run it for 10 weeks @ 300-500mg/wk and Test Enan for 12 weeks @ 300-500mg/wk.

    Nolva should be on hand incase you get signs of gyno, or you can run it through your cycle to prevent it all together. You can also run Nolva in PCT in place of Clomid.

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    I meant 300mg of test a week not 200, I just woke up still kind of out of it sorry. What would be beneficial about running deca with the test? why not just run a test cycle?

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