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    help me cut please

    hey bros,

    I'm planning a cutting cycle for feb but i have to start getting all the stuff together....I plan on using EQ (500 mg/wk), Sustenon (250mg /wk) and winstrol (50 mg eod)....Is this good? Should I switch to another test (like prop, cyp or E)? Should i up my test? Do I add another steroid ?

    Goes without saying that as an anti E, will have proviron and nolvadex
    and PCT will have clomid, clen and HCG (if I can get my hands on it)

    answers appreciated

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    i would run it like this:

    Sus 250mg/Every 3rd day 1-10
    Eq 400mg weeks 1-10
    Winstrol 50mg ED weeks 6-12(Drink the winny if you dont feel comfortable injecting that many times)

    start PCT day after your last shot of winny

    i have ran this exact cycle with some great gains.

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    Whats your age and cycle experience

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