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Thread: First Cycle

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    First Cycle

    heya pplz
    I've decided to go on my first cycle,
    I'm 23yrs old
    210 lbs
    been working out since I was 17,
    I've gotten my hands on 100 Dbol pills, unfortunetly before I found this fourm but at least reading the forum stoped me from doing a dbol only cycle.
    Anywaz I'm thinking of a short 6week introduction cycle to see how I go.

    week 1 250mg test prop
    weeks 2-5 500mg test prop
    week 6 250mg test prop
    clomid off cycle for 2 weeks

    Injecting test prop 3 times a week.

    I'm planning to shoving the Dbol in for weeks 3, 4 and 5 at 25mg per day.
    The main reason why I'm thinking about test prop atm is that I'm one of thouse ppl prone to streach marks and the lower the water retention the less stress to my skin. I get em by just training naturaly even if I use vit A cream =(.

    Anywaz would appreciate any advice.

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    Inject the prop eod which is about 3 times a week. I'd extend it a week or two; six weeks is a little short imo. Make sure you have some clomid,nolvadex and maybe some proviron /liquidex on hand. Looks like a pretty good first cycle.

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    cycle for you!


    I sugestu you:

    D-bol prop Clomid
    25mg 300mg
    30mg 400mg
    30mg 500mg
    35mg 400mg
    40mg 300mg 200mg a day
    35mg 200mg 100mg a day
    ........................... 100mg a day
    ........................... 100mg a day

    If you hawe some more ? just e mail me back!


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    Take the prop 50mgs/ED no need to taper!

    Take the clomid 3 days after your last prop shot

    100 d-bol means 25mgs for 20 days?

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    At 25mg you only have enough D-bol for 3 weeks and you need at least 4 weeks worth.Run that from week 1 until week 4

    Run the test for 8 weeks at least and it is better to inject the test prop every day otherwise every 3rd day is OK

    Have a look at other cycles that members have used that way you will find a lot of info on these and they have been tried and tested.For example Deca /Sust/D-Bol you will get good results and you could run it without the D-Bol if you wanted.Take Milk Thistle as well when using a 17AA as they are Liver toxic

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    Thax guys
    I'm now gonna seriously consider ED injections cause I spose no pain no gain.

    and I will add 2 more weeks to it.

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    Like Mallet said, don't taper the test. just run it at 500mg/w the whole way through the cycle. I would recommend 75mg ed shots (525mg/w). The pain isn't too bad if you have good prop.

    Also, run the dbol at the beginning and just run them until you run out. 3 weeks should be fine considering you are using prop which is a fast acting ester.

    Other than that, looks good. Later

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