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    Vets, Please Help

    Alright, i was in a car accident a week ago. I had to take a week off due to the pain i was feeling. I'm ready to hit the weights again, but have been experiencing wrist pain whenever i try to twist my wrist downwards. I talked to a doctor who told me that it was arthritic from all the years of lifting weights, construction and boxing. He gave me a prescription for an OTC medicine called Naproxen at 500mg. It's an anti-inflammatory that is supposed to make this pain go away. ABout 6 months ago, i had an mri done on my wrist and it showed that i had no problems. THey told me to get a new job and stop working out if i wanted to relieve my pain. the car accident last week has really aggrivated my wrist again. I am currently on 500mg Test Enth/week at week 9. I will do this until week 10 and run test prop 150mg EOD for 3-4 weeks. WIll taking the Naproxen have side effects or work against the Test? IF so, how long do i wait before i start taking the naproxen?

    I was also planning on doing another cycle in June consisting of Test Prop/Fina and maybe some dbol to kickstart. Do i push this back until wrist problem is tolerable.

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    naproxen is pretty much like asprin - its not a painkiller like nubain or anything - wont have any effect on your cycle - I would also find a doc on the site - sounds like you have a problem due to soft tissue strain and they can usually do wonders with that kind of stuff - make sure your workouts dont agravate it and carefull on your typing, that is also a very likely culprit

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