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    Hey guys give me your 2 cents!!!!!!

    ( 1st injection was nov 27)
    i am in the 3'rd week of test 400 and eq.
    last night i woke up freezing and then 1 hour later sweating (almost like the flu) this morning i too 2 alieve's.As the day progressed i am feeling a alot better .
    here's what i am doing
    i am injecting every other day .(EOD because its a pain full shot as it is at this dose, plus i rather take full advantage of different tests in the t400, i do vary shots from glut to the shoulders)
    .80 ml test 400 and 1 ml eq .
    some weeks it work out to be 3 times and other weeks its 4 times.
    i am also taking nolvadex every day.
    i am going to do this for 8 weeks and switch the eq with tren .
    the test carry out the remainder of the 14-15 week cycle.
    and clomid post ..
    how does this sound to everyone ...
    also when should i start to see gains? (i saw a strength go up a little this week)
    thanks guys ...
    by the way i am 26 years old & 209 lbs 5'11 10.4 bf now .. (goal is to be 225 under 10bf)
    is that within reason >?>
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    First off I don't really like T-400 or Sus for a first time user. If this was before you started I'd tell u to get some Test E. But since you've already started then take half a cc twice a week for the duration of your cycle.
    Next Eq: You should run this for 10 weeks minimum at 400mgs per week. Don't switch over to tren , save that for another cycle.
    Cycle lenght I wouldn't go over 11 weeks with the test and 10 weeks w/ eq being it's your first cycle.
    Weeks 1-11 Test4 400mgs
    Week 1-10 Eq 400mgs
    clomid 2 weeks after last shot of test.

    And as far as your workout I would go atleast 4 days a week if not 5. Train one bp per day.

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    i agree

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    Quote Originally Posted by GearAholic
    i agree
    this is not my first cycle , i have done a few cycles in the past few years.
    i am doing .80 ml every other day.
    your saying to do the tren on a seperate cycle?

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    save the tren eq to atleast week 12

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