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    inject or drink?

    I'm starting my first cycle in about aweek and i'm taking:
    eq 400mg/week1-8
    test e. 500mg/week1-8
    d-bol 25mg ed/week 1-4
    the Question is, do i drink the dbol or inject it every day? I've been told to just drink it, but i've also heard that it isnt as effective drinking it. And the guy that is getting me the gear told me to inject. I dont care about injecting every day, i would prefer not to but i'm not gonna be a bitch about it, so what do u think?

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    I would drink it. It will be a hell of a lot easier, and it may be a little less effective but not enough to worry about. You can up it to 30mg if you want to compensate.

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