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    ephedra free hydroxycut..

    is this safer then the old ephedra based hydrocut? are there any other fat burners out there that promote weight loss and a good push of energy but safe. since im prone to anexity i hate that feeling. i dont want the drug to be too powerful and fast in weight loss. i have about a couple of months of loosing weight so im willing to do it slowly. anythng u guys recomand? no clen for me and no dnp or anything with ephedra lol i hate that ****.

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    It is a lot lighter than the normal Hydroxycut but it will still give you the crashes try a cycle of T3 works better than everything but DNP and dosent get you jacked up at all a good 4 week cycle of those two products will work fine

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    if your not too sure what you want to take stick with the basics, cardio,DIET,and be consistant. cardio when you just wake up on a empty stomach seems to me to be the best time to run in my opinion. safe alternatives from eph. are cromium picolinate, CLA, and caffeine. But as the general population of folks say,"Diet" is the most important.

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    I tend to get a bit of the Anxietal feeling on large doses of Ephedra myself...My Doc kicked me down some Xanax, it made cutting much easier emotionally, but watch out, it made me hungry as well.
    If you don't want to run something to calm your nerves, then T3 is about all I can think of that won't give you some version of that feeling.

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