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Thread: IP gear

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    IP gear

    What's up y'all!!!! I have got a lot of great info from this site and the people on it. So once again I need help. How good are these IP products

    Test prop, EQ, Fina, Winny. Just wanted to know before i spend the money. Thanks a lot PEACE!!!!!!!!!!!

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    CutieFace Guest
    they are only as good as the reseller you're obtaining them from is....


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    Apr 2003
    I wouldnt use them if they were free.


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    the winny is pretty consistent. i think it's their best product. not THE best product, but their best product. the prop was painful, not as bad as denkall's t400, but you're aware you stuck yourself goodly for a couple of days. the fina, i'm just trying now, well in about two weeks. the EQ i was unimpressed with, likewise with deca . their secondaries, i.e. nolv, clen , clomid, etc., have been effective.

    basically, you get what you pay for. with eyepee, it's somewhat of a crap shoot. i don't think the quality control is consistent, but if you get a good batch, it's a good place to start. don't just buy a product based on price. with that said, i've always gotten good winny via eyepee.

    ask yourself this, would i know the difference between good, bad, and average product? do i have the knowledge and experience necessary to make an objective evaluation of the effectiveness of a given product?

    peace, CD.

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    I wouldn't touch the injectables no matter what. I'm not quite as picky as Billy. I'd try some of his orals if they were free. I sure as hell would not pay a cent for any of his stuff.

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