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Thread: pain and gear

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    pain and gear

    i am jmiros girlfriend ..............i am on duragesic patch and dilaudid for breakthrough pain because of a car accident and i want to get off pain meds and make my muscles stronger (my boyfriend is on winny and eq and clen and t3) i dont know if i can take them together but i would love to start living a normal life again and work out like i used to. I am not a recreational drug user but need these meds because without them i can hardly get out of bed. I would like to be able to wean myself off these meds and start to get slim and burn off some fat that has deposited from laying around. Can someone please give me some advice, so far I have only recieved negative feedback and I would really like some help. Thank you kr

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    pm tnt and he may beable to give you some good advice.

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