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    Gear advice.. on deck

    Needin some advice here. I have been told by my guy that it's not the best thing to continue to do oil based products. My last cycle was a combo of Sustenon 250 and eq. Now times were tight here, and the EQ was Ultragan 100, (that was all I could get my hands on). My mg per week was not as high as it should have been, now that I reflect.

    My next cycle will be one consisting of 200 mg EQ, and either Test 400 , or Enathate 250, with Winny V @ 50 mg. Is there any fact behind what I was told about your body not using the gear as well if you continue on oil based stuff?

    Finally, my wife wants to have a kid some time in the near future, will anabolics put the little one at risk? I plan on have a physical at the first of the year, but was hoping for some sound advice. Peace to all, and to all a good night

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    rather difficult to give you cycle advise w/out knowing any of your stats, how long you're training etc....


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    Bro is he selling you your gear? If he is he must be trying to sell you something new.

    AAS won't effect the baby, but it can keep you from conceiving


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