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    Question Nolva or liquidex?

    I think i am a little pron to gyno. I am a big guy. 6' 1" 245. I do not know my fat % but i can say that i do some fat on my bones, along with quite a bit of muscle mass as well. I just started a cycle of L-Clen and L-t3, but i am wondering if i might not have a natural abundance of estro in my blood, and maybe should use an anti esg as well. I am weight training and doing 30-45 minutes of cardio. I am 29 and have "breasts" that were a little to big all my life. Underneath my flab on my pecs there is a definte layer of muscle mass, i just cant seem to bring it to the top and tone my pecs. Any help would be great...thanks guys Fuller

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    nolva will help with gyno definetly!!

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    If you feel your making more estrogen then you need to get blood work done by a doctor............... also neither Clen or T3 will cause an uptake in estrogen causing gyno. If your talking about estrogen related fat deposits wich is a lot different then gyno then I would use L-dex to help with that problem.

    One more thing...... I hope your running at least a low dose of AS with the Clen/T3...... if your not the T3 will eat your muscle making you look fatter.

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