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    is clen any good?

    hi all i was wondering how effective clen was .... i am trying to lose about 20lbs of fat and have tried hydroxycut, xenidrine and zantrex 3 with very little to no sucess (the most i ever lost was 7 lbs!)

    if anyone here has used it i would appreciate your input on it and what it has done for you thanks so much

    (ps i have used the above for about 3 months each)

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    chinups Guest
    Diet pills should be an additive to an already strict diet. If you take fat burners and eat like **** you can expect 7 lbs lost. What are you specs and diet like? With strict diet you can lose 20 lbs.

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    I agree with the above. With a strict diet, cardio 3+ times a week and some hard training your bf% should drop at a very nice rate. Throwing in a thermogenic and clen 2 wks on 2 wks off should only accelerate the process.

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    Diet is the name of the game. Clen will help with a clean diet. Remember garbage in garbage out.

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    I agree in what the guys are saying up above me.. with a dier, cardio and hard training it would work good.

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