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    fat loss!!!!!!!!!!!

    hi all i was wondering how effective clen was .... i am trying to lose about 20lbs of fat and have tried hydroxycut, xenidrine and zantrex 3 with very little to no sucess (the most i ever lost was 7 lbs!)

    if anyone here has used it i would appreciate your input on it and what it has done for you thanks so much

    (ps i have used the above for about 3 months each)

    diet: 5 small meals a day, low carbs and low fats, moderate protein.
    no carbs after 8 pm and a.m. running before breakfast 40 min

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    clen 's good but it's not a magic pill.
    Add t-3 to the clen stack if your looking for straight up weight loss.

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    make sure when you take t3 your running a cycle with it too, as t3 is pretty catabolic.

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