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    t3 n Clen Question bro's

    hey wats up bro's im back again its been a while since i've came on here but heres my question guys..........

    i wonna do t3 and clen and of course i know that u have to have a AS associated with that cycle due to the potential muscle loss cuz of the t3 but what i was gonna ask was.........lets say i just did t3 and clen.......with a good workout schedule and tonnes of protien.....i know i would lose muscle....and lose weight of course.....but thast what im looking for i got so much fat on me now since my last cycle i quit working out for a while and **** so i just wanted to lean out big time............. would that be such a bad thing if i did a cycle of t3 and cleN? lemme know bro's thanks im at like 222 and wonna get down to to 200......thanks

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    I would just follow a clen protocol. Stick with diet cardio and your lifting program. It sound like you have already lost a bunch of muscle from not working out. IMO the t-3 will hinder your progress at this point. This is just my thoughts

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