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Thread: dbol 30mg a day

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    dbol 30mg a day

    i have been taking dbol 30 mg a day for about two weeks i just read a post that if you want big strength gains you should take 50 what do you guys think i is my first cycle 185lb 400mg test enanthate a week, i think i kicked in about a weeks ago i have about i weeks worth of d-bol lefts at 50mg a day, but i could get more please get back to me. thanks

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    if its your first time throwing dbol in the mix, 30 is just fine. the first time i tried it i did only 25mg a day and saw great gains. 50 a day is a little much imo, especially for a 1st cycle

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    Yeah, I have to agree. For you first cycle, you should of just stuck with the TEST, but since you started DBOL 30mg is plenty. I would NOT bumped it up to 50mg. You will definitely get great strength gains with 30mg. with 50mg, yhou will probably get awful sides...

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