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    Question On EQ dossage

    hi, im new here. I have been working out for 6 years. Ive done 250 mg of sust and 200 of deca after working out for 4 years. both 10 week cycles. ive gained 45 lbs in total from both. I am now 235lbs 5'11" 18 1/2inch arms 48 inch chest, 34 waist. 15% bodyfat. I want alittle more bulk but i want veins. I have nice thick veins but i want them to show. i also want more deffinition but also more mass. I have decided to take EQ . I am going to do a 12 week cycle. my questions are is it safe and effective if i take 700 mg a week for 12 weeks and can i go longer like 15 weeks? what kind of gains should i expect. I havent juiced in a year. Please help thanks!! Joe you can email me to at if you know the answer.

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    EQ only ?? I don't really see the point in it.

    If you're looking to maybe harden up a little, maybe give test prop / fina a try. You're not gonna get big and strong, but maybe lean out a little with strength gains.

    Check your diet first also and tweak that up if you're looking to lose some body fat.

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    You should do 500-1000mg of testosterone with fina at 150mg EOD. You should jump start your cycle with dianabol so you aren't hanging around waiting, and you could throw in some EQ if you really wanted to. However, I think you would be pleased with the results of fina and testosterone alone. The dianabol and EQ would be pleasant additions. Make sure you have the right drugs on hand to fight side effects.


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