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Thread: finaplix

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    The question I'm about to ask has probably been asked 10x's over. I tried to find my answer but got cross eyed reading all the post.

    How much fina, how often should I be taking. Never tried Fina before and a bro just got me some that he made. I'm a little nervous taking something that looks like cat piss in a homemade bottle? I have a large supply of sus to go along with it and also need to know how much to take to compliment. I was planning on 1000 sus per week??? I'm new to your site but have been playing with gear for 20 years. Playing is the key word since I never look like the guys in the mags. Thanks for your help, please keep it simple since these old eyes cant read forever.

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    From what I've read on the boards I'd say 75mg every day or 150 every other day for the Fina. Make sure to run some test. prop. with at as well. Hope that helps.

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    Run 75mg ED for 8 weeks.............. EOD will make your blood levels unstable.

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