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Thread: Arimidex

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    Question Arimidex

    I don't here to much about Arimidex , everyone i no that uses Steroids says to use it in the cycle and 3 & 4 weeks past last injection. They
    said you don't have to use Clomid or Novidex. Due to Arimidex stops it from turning into estrogen where the others just block it. True or false.

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    False you still need clomid post cycle.

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    I use Armimidex or L-dex in my cycles along with nolva.... Yes L-dex stops the conversion of test into estrogen but you still need to run Clomid as part of PCT and I would add nolva in PCT as well.

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    If you are talking about during the cycle, then no, you don't need anything but arimidex . But you always need clomid and/or nolva for PCT. Arimidex will not work for PCT becuase it doesn't stimulate natural testosterone production.

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    You need clomid and nolva for PCT to stimulate LH, but L-dex will help in upstarting testosterone production
    Heres a study done on Femara

    Aromatase inhibitors in men

    The effect of aromatase inhibition on male gonadotrophin and sex steroid concentrations is illustrated in the paper by Trunet et al. (1993): 2.5 mg letrozole suppressed plasma oestradiol concentrations to less than 50% of pretreatment after 2 days, with recovery to approximately pretreatment values after 6 days. These decreases were accompanied by increased gonadotrophin concentrations, with resultant increases of approximately 50% in plasma testosterone. These results, and those previously published (Bhatnagar et al. 1992) on the effects of fadrozole in men, indicate that the aromatization pathway is of major importance in the regulation of gonodotrophin secretion by aromatically androgens

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    armidex, proviron

    armidex is pricey isn't it?
    wouldn't proviron be a good substitute?

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    arimidex increases fsh , lh and natty test, can some one explain why clomid works better post cycle please

    thanks winny

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    Adex is my best buddie througout a cycle, and post I like to use Nolvadex and duh to useing clomid! Gots ta have it if you want to keep gains and get ur levels up.

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