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    Gyno protection on side or preventive?

    Hey Bros,

    I'm planning two upcoming cycles (first one in less than a month second one over 6 months)....

    I Haven't started yet because I really want to be informed since this is the first injecting cycle with steroids that can aromatize.

    First cycle:

    Injectables (Homebrew prop/fina/eq/winny mix @ 2.5 cc per shot)
    week 1-12 test prop 100 mg ED
    week 1-12 tren ace 75 mg ED
    week 1-10 equipose 75 mg ED
    week 7-12 winny 50 mg ED

    week 1-12 Sibutramine (Meridia) 20 mg ED (to keep equipose/test hunger in check)
    100 grams of protein ED (This is a supplementation to my diet)

    If I tolerate the Fina well My next cycle will be a whopping 14 weeks!!:

    Injectables (Homebrew prop/fina/eq/winny mix @ 3 cc per shot)
    week 1-14 test prop 150 mg ED
    week 1-14 tren ace 100 mg ED
    week 1-12 equipose 100 mg ED
    week 7-14 winny 50 mg ED

    Orals: (Homemade Sibutramine/mestanolone/miotolan capsule)
    week 1-14 Sibutramine 20 mg ED
    week 9-14 Mestanolone (Oral Masteron ) 30 mg ED
    week 9-14 Miotolan (Furazabol) 20 mg ED
    week 9-14 1000 mg Milkthistle ED
    150 grams of protein ED

    Bromocriptine 2.5 mg pills on hand

    My stats:
    age 20
    height 1m75
    weight 86 kg
    BF 22 percent (down from 31 percent)
    Have done Winny/Clen /cytomel cycle and Clen/cytomel cycle

    I want to cut so add about 10-15 pounds of muscle and cut down to 15 to 18 percent of bodyfat (i will also be doing clen at 150 mcg 2 weeks on 2 weeks off with ECA on off weeks).

    Now my questions:

    1) Most important :

    Should I take Nolvadex preventive @ e.g. 10 mg ED or should I have it on hand and just take it when gyno acts up (So not to hamper Gains because suppressing Estrogens Really cuts gains in theory)

    2) Is Liquidex/Arimidex necessary?

    3) Should I take vitamins (anti-oxydants) like C, B12, E or GSE (grape seed extract)?

    4) Should I take Milkthistle and is this dosage alright and is it okay if i take it at once instead of dividing dosages?

    Thanks Bros

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    Too much for a first cycle and your BF is to high IMO.

    I'd cut to 15-17% and then do a test only cycle 250mg E4D.
    Be good to wait untill your 23-25 as well

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