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    Keeping gains with test...what about deca

    So i am still seeking some additional advice on getting started on my first cycle. I have had numerous advice to just start out doing purely a test enanthate cycle at about 500mg a week with clomid at the end for pct. I have also done some research and some have said that test does not allow a very good percentage of the gains to be kept. Is this true? How many of you kept your results on test after the cycle was done?

    I was also thinking of doing purely a deca cycle and have had some people tell me this would be good but still unsure. The research here has said that keeping gains with deca is a lot easier than with test.

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    imho the amount of gains u lose depends on how well u stay HPTA regulated. most of the gains u lose from test is water. the faster u can get ur endogeneous production of test back in gear, the more gains u keep. this means hcg /insulin ( very optional)/clomid/nolva

    2. i think deca with test enth would be a perfect first cycle.

    500/ew test enth 10 wks
    400/ew deca 10 weeks

    if u can afford it u can throw in d-bol for the first 4 weeks at 35 - 40mg/ed

    u did some good research good luck with ur cycle !

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    definitely agree with gundam. I like anadrol though

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    you won't find many bros here who will endorse a deca only cycle, I'm one of them. I've never taken test, but Im going to on my first real cycle soon. I did some deca alone last fall and it sucked(before I found this board). I don't even count it as my first cycle because I gained nothing at all. But if you want to look at it on the bright side I kept it all!! don't take my word for it ask around.
    good luck man

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    A deca only cycle is not good. Deca will shut down your HPTA very hard, and without exogenous test, you will lose all sexual function for an extended period of time with deca alone. With test it allows you to keep that function up, and in terms of keeping gains, that all falls on PCT and your body, once normal HPTA functions resume, gains become keepable.

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    I agree, a Deca only cycle did absolutely squat for me. I would throw in some D-bol and test enth if you have the cash...oh and remember Eat, eat and eat some more if you want to make the best of it

    Good luck

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