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    Question Anavar only+suppresion??first cycle

    Hey.First im 17,m,170 6ft.Have been studying and implenting diet/protein intake for a cycle for months,also on training.I wanna do my first cycle,and I have done my homework,and chosen anavar (papervaR),as I am still growing some,and its the only AAS that doesnt cause bone closure in children(Dont give me anything on my age,I have recieved enough crap like that,I have made my mind on var and var only,so whether you just wasted a post and say dont do,crap im tired of talking about that)

    I wanna run 40mgs of var for 8wks with a herbal liver supp(milk thistle) and 10gs of creatine as var accelerates creatine and protein synthesis.+vits,and fish oil capsules. After the 8 wks I wanna do something about suppresion(not aromatization,as var doesnt aromatize even at 80mgs) because I have liver covered,wont stunt growth,and I dont wanna take nolva or clomid,as it will increase customs/busted ratio due to their form.Also I dont trust clomid or nolvadex .

    Mainly I need a natural supp or supps to bring back my natty test levels after my cycle,and how much and how long should I use them(During or After cycle?)and for how many weeks.

    Also should I take creatine at 1/2 dose(5gs) while off var,or keep it at 10?

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    LOL! the kid knows what he wants ! dont give him s***!

    well i think var still shuts u down.

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