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    using test with clen for cutting

    Ok a few questions. I know that you cant put on muscle and fat really at the exact same time. However, you can loose fat and gain strength at the same time right...i mean it wouldnt be as great of gains if one was bulking but possible. So lets say one wanted to do test and clen for 10 weeks, how would one cycle them together and how good of results could one expect from it as far as fat loss and strength gain is concerned as long as diet and training was good. Usually if i cut w/o AS i lose some muscle and stay stagnant on strength. Will i improve strength while losing fat on this cycle. I plan on doing a test enth cycle for about 12 weeks to bulk, and then 10 weeks later do the cutting cycle for about 10 weeks to lose about 10-15 pounds of fat.

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    Well, test is actually a great fat loss tool if used correctly. I would run enanthate at 500-750mgs a week, however make sure you take around .5 mgs of armidex ED or EOD. As for the clen run it for 2 weeks then run an ECA stack for 2 weeks keep alternating them like that till the end of your cycle. If your diet's in check that should workout great for ya.

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    Just watch the water if you are prone.

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