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    Cutting for the first 6 weeks, bulk for next 6

    Ok, so a friend of mine who has only a limited amount of knowledge on AS told me that one could cut for the first 6 weeks with the test, clen type cycle like what i had posted below (that is kinda why i asked that question) and then drop the clen and bulk for the last 8 weeks to bulk or perhaps vica-versa. I told him that it would be better to do them in seperate cycles event though it would take a little longer it would be worth the time. He said that it wasnt just time, but he just didnt want to do 2 cycles so close and that it might be a money problem. Is he on the right track or not?

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    I wouldn't cut before bulk. I'd bulk, then change the diet up to cut down later on. If you cut first you have the chance of just gaining the fat back from all the calories you're eating while trying to bulk.

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    I know. Why the hell would you cut then bulk? What is the point of that? Thats like washing a car while its raining when you live on a dirt road.

    If he doesnt have enough money for the gear then he deosnt have enough money for the food and protien either. Dont even bother.

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    do a bulk cycle 10 weeks, then 10 weeks off, then do your cutting cycle. Plenty of time there to get money

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