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    Almost done with third week

    I am almost through my third week of 250ml test enanth every Mon. and Thur. My first week I went with the quads and the right one bothered me for like a week, the left didnt really hurt at all. The second week I hit the delts, no problems at all. This past Mon., I hit my right quad again and it just seems like hurts more than my left quad.....I dunno. I just gotta get use to it I guess. But, I have to say, it is definately worth it after seeing the results! I can tell that I am bigger everywhere, this is awesome! Everyone says I am getting bigger, especially my mom, I just say that I'm eating 7 times a day. They don't suspect anything. Probably most of the weight is from the dbol I am taking too. But my weight has increased big time along with my strength. I am a very satisfied customer!!!!! I really, really appreciate all of your advice guys along with your encouragement. I am sooo glad that I decided to go with injectables instead of just orals!

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    Congrats bro. Keep us posted.

    As for one leg hurting more than the other, it happens sometimes and is normal. During my first cycle my left quad would always hurt a little than my right, but you do get used to it, and I don't see a difference anymore. It also helps that the Ultra Growth Labs gear I'm using is completely painless!

    Welcome to the club!


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    Ahhhhh, steroids . Gotta love em. Good to hear things going well for you. Good luck.

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