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    Drinking after cycle

    Ok i wanna do a 10 week cycle of sus and the pct....and i know its not good to drink during a cycle....But is it ok to drink during PCT...I Have it planed so that i will either be ending PCT or i will be in the middle of it when i have like a 4 day party......So would it be alright to drink? And also while on the cycle would drinking like 1 time a week be that horrible?

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    In general it is good to avoid it... If you must, just keep it reasonable - no more than two standard drinks per day.

    [Keep in mind, alcohol can suppress testosterone production and libido.]

    This, of course, is subject to the individual and personal health.
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    I would suggest exerting enough control to stay off aclohol until you're completely finished with your cycle and PCT. It's just better for your body if it doesn't have to fight against the contaminant, alcohol, while trying to restore its natural levels of testosterone .

    When I'm cycling, I don't drink at all. But that's not very difficult because I very rarely drink on or off a cylce.

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    personally if I had to drink I'd do it while I had disgusting amounts of androgens in my body, not when I have practically no test and way to much estrogen.

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