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    How much is enough?

    If the half-life of enantate, cypionate and deca is longer than 7 days why inject more often then every 7 days. Has anyone here ever tried injecting deca less often than every week? Does anyone have a good reason for injecting more often than every 7 days? For my next cycle that I start on monday I am going to experiement by taking lower dosages, but more often. I'll track the results and share them with anyone who is interested.

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    if half life is 7 days, you don't want levels to drop to 1/2 then bring it up again. It'd be like a hormone rollercoaster. You want to keep levels pretty consistent, hence the frequent injects.

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    alright just for example the half life of enanthate is 10 days during that ten days the amount of the drug is not constant it rises then it falls so say you injected 1000mg of enanthate on day ten there is half as much left. so to keep levels fairly constant one should inject more frequently. from my own experience i have had better gains with more frequent injections and those can only be due to the higher and more level concentration of the drug in my blood

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    You could do that, but twice a week injections will keep your blood concentrations more stable. You can click the roid calculator in my signature, to see how the ester releases and the half life of the drug.


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