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    injection sites?

    Newbee here..does it matter which side of ur body u shot up in...i just did my right thigh..(no prob)..just woondering if i could do the left one. I find it scared to do the glutes? Any suggestions are apreciated. Pump Hard

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    Actually aw for a newb I would suggest the glutes instead but if you can handle the quad shot thats cool. I have several links in my signature that are informational for you on injections if you want to read up. If you're doing shots every day yes switch around. Keeps from building up scare tissue and lets that muscle heal up a bit from the stab not exactly necessary. I go from glute to glute, quad to quad, delt to delt weekly.

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    its always been my practice to rotate sites, even if youre shooting only once or twice a week.

    since youre using quads, rotate them in with delts and glutes. this way you have 6 sites to use, and you'll have many days in between hitting the same site again.

    at the very worst, i'd give it at least 5 days before hitting the same site again. i dont recommend this, but sometimes it cant be helped.

    peace I4L

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    it's just like anything else, the fist time you do it, it's scary, then afterwards, you're like, gee, that was nothing! it's good to get practice in now, in case you one day use some compound that you need to inject daily, when you really need to rotate sites

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