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Thread: First Timer

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    First Timer

    Hey guys (n' Gals),
    Just wanted your opinions on my first cycle that I'm putting together for myself. I'm planning on running it pretty soon (as soon as I finish "tweaking" it).

    I'm 5'11", 220lbs, 17-18%BF. Been training for several years with decent results. I'll be closely monitoring my nutritional intake as I want to get down to about 9-10%BF (eventually). I want to cut the bodyfat for this, my first cycle. I'd like to gain some lean mass but that's not the primary goal here. I'm confident with regards to my nutritional planning and supplementation but when it comes to AAS's I'd like some help.

    Here it is:
    Anavar - 50mg ED
    Winny - 100mg every second day / or 50mg every day
    Clen - 100mcg ED (2 wks on, 2 wks off - alternating with Nitro Burn Extreme adding 25mg Ephedrine & 100mg Caffeine).
    Proviron - 25-50mg ED

    I'd like to stick with low-aromitizing compounds cause I'm not interested in getting any sides. Also looking to get a much harder look.
    I also have access to PH's and pretty much any supplement.

    OK - FLAME AWAY! Please don't be too Mean!

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    How old are you...................... For a first cycle though this isn't a smart way to go.

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    No sides if you use anti-estrogen drugs. Winny damages bone joints... not a nice side effect. Also ALL steroids add fat along with muscle, not a good idea when you are already 17% and more body fat. Should trim body fat down to minimum of 10-11%

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    central nj
    tren actually aids in shedding body fat

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