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    Unhappy spot inject into lagging shoulder

    whats up fellas
    I got a question about spot injecting. During my football days I dislocated my left sholuder four times. On the last time I not only dilocated it but cracked the capsule. Now three years and one surgery I am left with three screws and a big weak point. My question is can I inject into my shoulder to help it catch up, and if so what works best(as). I lift hard and I include extra exercises for it but it still is not as big as my right shoulder. It sucks to work hard in the gym only to be parinoid about being unsymetrical. It really bothers me. Any help is greatly appreciated

    currently running
    deca 300 a week
    sust 250 a week
    nov e.o.d
    6'3 230

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    It won't help your lagging shoulder to spot inject with the gear you are using


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    Don't train one shoulder any different than the other. If you are doing extra on the one side - you could cause the problem to get worse. Training one side different than the other won't necessarliy make it hypertrophy faster than the other... its more complicated than that.

    Work on strict form and use plenty of dumbell work to allow each delt to have to push it's own load. When doing unilateral work - begin with the weak side first... and if your stronger side can push more reps than the weaker - DON'T.

    Train them the same...

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