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    clomid 300 day 1: one "big" dose or split?

    when you suggest 300 day 1, do you mean 6x50mg tabs all together? or the dosage has to be split?
    and what is the best time of the day for takin it? just awake or before going to bed?

    Nolva if gyno comes? 40-60 mg, same question, 2-3 tabs together or 1 tab 2-3 times a day? when in the day?

    thank you for your help... ciao

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    I believe the half life for Clmoid is about 6 days... regardless, it wouldn't have to be split up nor does it matter what time of the day... Nolvadex , same deal.

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    Yes, it's 6 1ml doses of 50mg of clomid............ You can take it at night or morning....... I take it all at once clomid's half-life is long and I just want to get it over with.

    With the nolva, again all at once I would start with 60mg if signs appear but I would be running 20mg ED durring PCT anyway........ morning or at night doesn't matter

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