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    steroids and increased metabolism

    When i am natural, i burn fat best at about 1800-2000 calories. It can sometime be slow but if i go any lower i really start to lose muscle. I will be taking test e. That would raise your metabolism but by how much. I am also cycling clen so i would assume that would burn a lot more calories by itself. So if i was cutting on this cycle, how can i figure out how many calories i need in order to lose the most amount of fat without any muscle. I know that no one can really tell me the amount but a general rule 21, 6', 215, 17% bodyfat

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    well, if your taking test your goal is to increase muscle mass, the only way you can do this is with excess calories, your body doesn't just make muscle from nothing,it needs energy and it gets this energy from excess food, so while taking test 'e', id say get at least 500 more calories a day, ideally id get 1000 of luck

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    You just need to take that into consideration, as if your metabolism were high anyway. It is really hard to determine how much more calories test enan would allow you to burn, because everyone has different body chemistry.

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