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    Diet and cycle questions

    Hey Bros,

    Great board, I am new here but will be frequenting here on a regular basis.

    I am 34 years old and have been training on and off since I am 20 and now for the next three months I am going to hit it hard and going to run about the fifth cycle I have done in my life. This will be the second one in around a year.

    I am 5'3 three and 130 lbs, looking to put on about 25 in three months through diet, lifting and gear.

    Here is what I am going to run for 8 weeks.

    Sustanon 500 mgs weekly
    Deca 200 mgs Weeky
    Dbl 15 mgs a day weekly
    Anadrol 25 mgs a day for the first 30 days.

    i have never done Dbol , but have done Anadrol and am going to kickstart with it. 25 mgs does me fine. I am a little guy so I don't do massive doses of anything. Doctor told me a good normal weight for me is 115.

    Any sugestions? I can double up on the Deca has I have quite a large supply. I would like to do 30 mgs of dbol a day but until my other shipment gets in I think the 15 will suffice.

    But the biggest question is the calorie count. I am currently doing 5000 cals a day in food and protein shakes. I mix the powder with Mcdonalds shakes but it is hard for me to choke down, because of lactose intolerance. I take the pills for it, but still I am nauseous as hell for an hour after each shake.

    Any other source of protein I can get down easily that doesnt involve milk or those goddawful shakes?

    Any advice would be great.


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    Meat and soybeans.

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    Talking Thanks bro

    Quote Originally Posted by Xavier_4446
    Meat and soybeans.

    Thanks for the tip. Meat and soy I can do. Thank god for public school lunches. Soybean burgers on monday, Soybean meatloaf on tuesday, and Soybean sloppy joes on Friday.

    I am downing five 600 calorie meals a day, but do not feel it is enough. I have a high metabolism. So I supplement with 3 1000 calorie shakes. I am thinking that if I do 6 mini-shakes of 500 calories apiece that my system will take to it. The 1000 cal shaks are 21 flo ozs. UGGGHHH

    But I must admit(nausea aside) I am packing on the pounds.

    I am going to South America in April, to see my ex girlfriend. Haven't seen her in two years. I have decided to get off the plane and have her jaw drop(among other things) when she sees me.


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